About Us

Founded in 2018, China Re Catastrophe Risk Management Co., Ltd. (China Re CRM) is the first domestic catastrophe risk technology company controlled by China Property Reinsurance Co., Ltd. (China Re P&C) and jointly invested by Huafeng Group and NavInfo. Registered in Chongqing, the company has a registered capital of 100 million yuan, with 70 million yuan of investment from China Re P&C, 20 million yuan from Huafeng Group, and 10 million yuan from NavInfo. China Re CRM is a new type of Internet company that integrates the network resources of China Re Group, the network resources of the National Meteorological Administration, and the new location service network resources of NavInfo. By opening up and pooling resources, the company is committed to building an industrial leading CAT Risk Management Internet Ecosystem, and empowering industries and governments to fundamentally solve the problems faced by China's CAT risk development. With innate advantages in data resources and network resources, the company gathers top experts in various professional fields in China to build the core competitiveness of integrating catastrophe big data platform, CAT model development, CAT platform building, and CAT ecology, which aims to accelerate product innovation and ecological application of the platform. In the future, China Re CRM will lead the technology frontier and provide services for smart city construction, urban risk management, digital agriculture and other fields, with profound development potentials.

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Research and innovation

China Re Group has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Meteorological Administration, China Earthquake Administration, Chinese Academy of Water Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Ministry of Environmental Planning Institute of Environmental Planning to make continued efforts on resources allocation from multiple industries, accelerate the construction of catastrophe platforms, and create the new ecology of modern CAT risk management.